Lab 4

Hello all welcome to my first week of hactoberfest. Really excited to use my basic knowledge of open-source to help fix issues.

First Issue

For my first pr for hactoberfest, I was helping by implementing any mathematical algorithm. The issue can be found here. The issue was stating to implement any mathematical algorithm, although I am not very skillful programmer, this task was not so challenging as I have written these algorithms before and decided to write a factorial algorithm. I first forked the repository which can be found here . Then I cloned the repository to my computer and created a branch called issue-12. Then added an upstream that linked to the original project to make sure that I have the updated version of the project. I created a new file called Factorial and inside I created a Factorial.cpp file that included my implementation of the mathematical algorithm. After confirming the implementation worked, I committed the changes and pushed to origin. I am eagerly waiting for a response to my pull request which can be found here . It was really exciting and felt like I actually contribute to projects without having to worry about my programming skill. Lets see whats what I could fix or contribute to next week. See you guys soon!

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